Our employees are available for the following tasks


Would you like to advertise your product? Would you like to hold a product presentation? If necessary, we will also hand out leaflets and put on costumes, just let us know!

Protocol events

We welcome, register and guide your guests at events. We'll take your coat, help them, and give it to them! 


We represent your company, manage your customer, and present your product. We collect emails. If you want, we can even buy the stand!

For sport events

We know how to stand on the grid and also what is most important at these events. We have been involved in these tasks for years. If you ask, we can also help with the implementation!

National promotions

Our employees are available in the country's major cities to ensure that multi-location store promotions work efficiently.


Welcoming guests, registration, wardrobe, meeting customers, handing out farewell gifts, these are all part of our job if you ask.

Warehouse work

We also help with pricing labeling tasks if you ask. We pack well and can take stock. We have been doing the work for years. The large number of employees is not a problem either.


We keep the promotional location clean and clean it after the event upon request. Like every day. We also accept individual orders. Just let me know!

Security Service

We will also monitor the schedule at your events, if you wish. We send the most suitable security personnel for tasks. Do not worry! The event will be uninterrupted!!